About us

Neerav Yadav


I started trading the markets in 2014 and instantly understood that this is what I want do for the time to come. (Have been doing it full time since then.)

I do track a different variety of markets but majorly focus on Commodities and Indices, basically Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, S&P 500, DAX 30 and Nifty 50.

I use Elliott Wave and Price Action in my trading and analysis.

How I got started with making videos related to trading

On 14th January 2015 I made a 3 minutes and 30 seconds long video discussing a simple trading strategy and uploaded it on Youtube, I forgot about the video after uploading it, I checked back after a couple of months after I got a notification from Youtube, to my surprise the video had 5000+ views, 15 likes and 6 dislikes and some comments in which people were requesting me to reupload the video with better sound quality. (The video was recorded with mic. present on the Samsung earphone.)

I found it very interesting and exciting that I could reach that big of an audience and that some people actually liked my work and appreciated my efforts.

Soon I ordered a good microphone and started making videos more frequently, I realized that whenever I made a video on a certain topic it deepened my understanding of that topic and more importantly it initiated the urge to learn more to share more.

Besides that I realized that I love doing this kind of teaching and understood that I was actually quite good at it, at times when I watched my own videos I was actually amazed with the simplicity with which I explained the concepts. (I don’t use scripts.)

Now my channel (50 Eyes Market Analysis) has 5600+ subscribers (As of March 2017) and I still do make videos in whatever free time I get.

Basically my channel inspired me to make a video course and in May 2016 I published a course on Elliott Wave Principles which has 200+ students (As of March 2017).

My paper qualifications

I do hold a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering apart from that I hold 5 certificates related to trading listed below :

Research Analyst,Technical Analysis, Option Strategies, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives.

All certificates awarded by  :

NSE – National Stock Exchange and NISM – National Institute of Securities Markets .

I strongly believe that degrees and formal education doesn’t measure a person’s true potential.

I think I have said enough about myself, I might add some things later but that’s all for now.

Neerav Yadav