Elliott Wave Course Testimonials

On this page you will find some of the testimonials, endorsements of students who enrolled in the Elliott Wave Video Course

Being well versed in EW theory, I thought a lot of it was review for me but I picked up a few subtle things. Also, seeing him count the waves was useful in itself to understand the variability. If you are a beginner, this may not be for you. If you are intermediate then this is perfect.

Biren Patel

There were a couple of times were things weren’t clear, but made sense later in the course. A lot of good information can be taken from this course, will be sure to go through again with a larger notepad.

Tyler Lever

I love this course.

I already knew some concepts about the Elliott Wave but I never had a deep knowledge of the corrective waves, which are even more important than the motive ones.

This course is helping me being a more responsive trader, not panicking whenever something goes differently than my analysis as I have the knowledge that allow me to re-assess and often times not even closing my position, just changing it according to the correct trend.

The only negative aspect (however I didn’t feel like leaving a lower score because of that), I find it difficult to understand due to the accent… Probably not being a native speaker myself doesn’t help much, however with some good will and constance everything can be understood with no doubt.

The instructor also replies to questions in minutes (at least in my case), I hope this course will grow with more content and I am looking forward to see future courses from this author!

Alessandro Bieco

Very clear! Best Elliot Wave Course out there! I hope everyone signs up for this course!!!

Christopher Bishop

A wonderful detailed course. Have started to learn the predictive nature of markets. earlier used to enter at good prices but would exit early as had no predictive view of targets. This course does help in extracting most of it , as it teaches you well defined rules in yet simplified way. A complex topic is very well simplified by the instructor by sharing his own experiences and his own rules as he has the expertise to tell us what may work and what not.

Rajendra Singh Chhabra

The course is nice combination of theory and practical application which is not seen often in discussion on Elliot Wave Theory.

Ray Trounday

Hi Neerav,

Firstly, I congratulate for sharing your knowledge. I am able to complete the course soon because you have made complex strategy in the financial world into simpler one. Secondly, the case studies you have posted in the course is in practical manner and provided multiple views how the stocks/commodities move…. I would say that, this would be the eye opener for me in trading/investment. thanks a lot for the course.


Very well explained concepts with lots of examples looking at real charts. Would recommend this to anyone serious in learning EW theory but would have to go through it a few times as it’s a lot to take in!

Vishal Patel

I have enjoyed following this course. I haven’t read any books about Elliott Waves but from my perspective this course seems to cover the most important aspects. Neerav explains clearly and repeats the theory multiple times. To me the tradingsetup is one of the most important aspect of this course – because theory is one thing but translate it into practical use is something completely different.

I would recommend this course but one thing I would like to propose is to explain in more details how to count the waves. Because every time you look at a chart you might see something different – so it would be nice if you could use your experience to explain several scenarios and why you prefer one over the other.


The course has been very informative, backed with real chart case studies.


Having searched for a ‘proper’ course, that provides a good understanding of EW principles, (for months) I can confidently say that this course is by far the best. Unlike other instructors who tend to just show wave counts that have already occurred in the past (we can all do that one way or the other), Neerav has actually shown it in real time as the markets are playing out. One must appreciate the work he has done to put this course together and selflessly providing strategies he uses on daily basis, which cannot be said about any other instructor/trader I have come across. I will definitely be joining any training/course that Neerav will provide in the future.

Dinesh Purohit

The course was great to understand the from the basics of Elliott Wave Theory, to the practical use of this approach on different charts from different markets.

The instructor has done a great job, helping the student get through a learning path, in which every step clarifies the knowledge you get on the previous step, and gets you closer to understanding how this theory works, and how you can apply it to any market you want.

Santiago Valdivieso

I have taken several courses from Elliott Wave International as well as this course and I can tell you that Neerav knows his material. Any questions that are asked are answered in a timely and thoughtful manner.

One thing that has been made very clear to me by Neerav (and EWI as well) is that while he can cover the basics, Elliott Wave trading is one of those methods that you must practice diligently and internalize over time. Even though every nuance of the Elliott Wave guidelines are not covered, I like the fact that Neerav shows you how break down your analysis to several “Points of Reference” as you go to lower and lower time frames.

The only course improvement suggestion, I think that I could make would be to maybe to spend a little more time on the deductive process. That for me as well as many Elliott Wave practitioners is really the crux of the matter. I know that some people draw boxes around the structures, others will use horizontal, vertical, and trend lines to break a chart down, etc… Other than that, I think it was a great course.

I do consider Neerav to be a professional in his field and I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get started with Elliott Wave analysis.

Shane Ragone

It is a good course & leaves a person at a good place to start applying what we have learned in the course.

The most valuable part of the course is the access to the private group where you can see Neerav charts on a daily basis. This helps gain some solid experience with Elliot waves application.

Hari Bodduluri

Its a wonderful course. Explained in the best way possible. Neerav explains very clearly and he keeps repeating and redrawing to ensure the concepts are understood perfectly. Thank you Neerav.

Pranam Shetty

I am very much impressed with the course and your technique. This course is very helpful to me to understand the market and predicate the result based on the theory. Your course provided very meaningful and straightforward example which can be guidance to new to as well as experience traders. Overall I love the course and recommend to others who really want to make their career as a successful trader.


This course is a absolute value! Thank you Neerav Yadav for your time and energy that you have dedicated into this course.

Rockford Devilliers

Wanted to learn about wave analisis- I would not say it is easy – but the course covers the topic in easy step by step approach.

Denis Chigvintsev

i must say, i have done 3-4 courses before but this was the best in all class.. theory explained in well planned manner and can be understood by any newer fellow also. thanks for delivering such a great information. i recommend this to every trader who want to be profitable in stock and commodity market..


This Elliott Wave course really helped me a lot. Some important aspects of this course are-

1. Explanation as to how to understand that Wave 3 is extended or not.

2. How to use Fibonacci properly in wave analysis.

Without applying Fibonacci properly to wave analysis, the analysis remains incorrect. This course is helpful in the sense that it has combined Fibonacci and wave analysis properly.

Now I am able to apply wave theory excellently in my investment decision. Thanks a lot Mr. Neerav.

Rajeev Thakur

Very thorough and easy to understand. This course makes Elliot wave very easy whereas educational content elsewhere ends up getting very confusing. This has helped me heaps!

Moinul Miah

Very good course on Elliot Wave theory with good practical examples. This is the best course on Elliot Waves I have done.

David Basil

This is an excellent Elliott Wave course for beginners. It goes way more in depth on “Practical” learning and usage of Elliott Waves than the official Elliott Waves book, and it’s much easier to follow. Neerav is also very good at answering questions. Highly recommend!


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