Bitcoin about to achieve the suggested target (Elliott Wave Analysis) 9th October 2017 onwards

In the last report I discussed a long trading setup based off of a Triangle, when Bitcoin was trading around 3756 ever since then Bitcoin has gone up to achieve the Target 1of 4379 and made a high around 4630.

As per Target 1 : 4379 and initial SL : 3620 this move has already given a great Risk : Reward of 4.6 : 1.


Bitcoin moving up for Target 2 (Elliott Wave Analysis) 9th October 2017 onwards

Bitcoin moving towardsTarget 2 (Elliott Wave Analysis) 9th October 2017 onwards


However it looks like we are currently in Wave .iv of Wave v of Wave C which should later move to achieve the Target 2 : 4694.

To remain on the safe side it would be wise to trail the SL to the 4379 as that is a level below the Wave .i low and hence is also below the Invalidation Level.

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