Training Program Testimonials

On this page you will find some of the testimonials, endorsements of students who attended the 1-2-1 classes :

Jibreel (SPX Trader)



Vishal Patel (Forex Trader)


Pankaj Wadhwa (Forex Trader)


Neerav is definitely one of the top ellioticians present out there and I am really very happy I took the decision to go through the one to one training program. Neerav is a pure elliotician and he keeps the chart very clean rather than clattering with indicators or other mumbo jumbos. The 1 to 1 training is highly customizable. I had a chat with him on my interests over the different markets. My focus was mostly on Indian stock over the course of our training program, Neerav plotted the plan of reviewing top stocks on every sector traded in Indian market. We started with the sector index first and then went into top stocks under each sector. By now we have counts for almost every top stock in Indian market !!!

I am very impressed with his ability to consider all possible scenarios , as he often tells me ” it’s like a chess game, think of all possible counter moves of opponent, come up with your list of moves and choose the best move” only here our opponent is the market itself. He was very patient in listening to my views and explaining the pros and cons of it thereby taught me how to think like him.

I improved so much in this 40+ hours of training with him I myself can see my thought process change so drastically. I was so poor with triangles and his method to anticipate when to expect a triangle is never mentioned in any book and boy it works !!. I can vouch on that. The other method I can mention is his channeling technique and please don’t underestimate the importance of it. It will keep you on the right side when your count is bit fuzzy or unclear.

If you want to learn Elliot wave theory there are many so called gurus out there you can choose one. But if you want to learn how to trade like a professional Elliot wave trader who trades day in day out in any market in any timeframe ( neerav does lot of trades in 1 min TF!!) Neerav is one guy you shouldn’t miss. He will force you to become a better trader even if you don’t want to 🙂 I wish Neerav all the very best for his exciting future and thank you for taking the time to coach me..

Swaminathan (Futures Trader, Indian Stock Market)

Bangalore, India 

“This was my second course with When I started my practice in real world, I came up with many doubts and I need someone who can not only clear my doubts but explain it with the real-world example, Mr. Neerav did really a good job. 

I also wanted to know that what kind of situation happened in the past and due to that we had current result and what affects it might carry for the futures. Luckily Mr. Neerav started this 1-2-1 course where I got all relevant information in detail. 

Other most important, Mr. Neerav explained some of the strategies in Elliot wave which I could not find it outside of the world. He has developed those strategy from his experience and share with me during this course, so I will get advanced awareness of the market based on those strategies.

I recommended this course, make sure that you have finished the basic course, so you get maximize benefits from the 1-2-1 course.”

Sanjay Shroff

Cuenca, Ecuador

Anyone who is serious about developing in Elliott Wave (or any skill, for that matter) knows they need a mentor. Neerav is one of the best I have seen. He is a very easy going guy, yet meticulous in his craft. During the 1-2-1 sessions, I received tips, practices, & shortcuts from his experience which were very valuable to me. I was also very happy to finally get a method that I can use to practice and improve in Elliott Wave.

I was also part of his private group where he posts regular EW counts and updates in several markets. The private group was slick and easy to use. Many times, his charts were eye opening, and could be counted as a lesson in Elliott Wave counting, in and of themselves.

Over the course of 2 months, my Elliott Wave counting ability improved drastically, in a way I couldn’t have achieved by myself. I know this because I was already trading using EW theory, which I learned by myself, but I wasn’t going too far.

Overall, I’m satisfied with what I learned and with the service I got and I recommend this to any trader who is serious in learning the best market trading theory out there: Elliott Wave theory.

Thank you Neerav!

Cyril Sader


If anyone is looking for an education on Elliott Wave, Neerav is the man to go. I have no prior knowledge or experience in trading. I chanced upon Neerav’s Udemy online program, completed his Udemy online program within 30 days and that program has given me an edge to trading. He has gone great length in ensuring the learners understood the content and provided actual charting examples. I transferred what I learnt into real trading account and within 3 months I doubled my account.

Recently, he launched a 1-to-1 session and I jumped upon the opportunity because I know he is the real deal. Not all successful traders are good teachers, but he is definitely a good teacher. In the 1-to-1 session, he went in-depth into the charts I was interested and gave great insights into my analysis. I have never met any traders whom will go great length to teach their students.

Thank you Neerav.



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