DAX looks like the correction is complete (Elliott Wave Analysis) 28th April 2017 onwards

In my previous post I discussed how DAX 30 (German Stock Market Index) was moving down in Wave iv , as of now it seems that the correction is complete and that DAX can move upwards for a Wave 3, the green corrective channel should be broken on the upside for further confirmation.

Dax 30 Looks like the correction is complete

Dax 30 Looks like the correction is complete


Even if the current up move is corrective that is in 3 Waves for the continuation of a Flat Wave iv even then we can see 12950 levels which are the all time highs, other possibilities like continuation of Wave iv as a Triangle or a double Zig Zag have already been discussed in my last video analysis.

Stops should be placed below 12064 level as that is the recent low of Wave 2.

I will update further as this market continues.

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