Gold detailed Elliott Wave Analysis and Long trading opportunities 10th Feb. 2017 onwards

In this report I will be discussing the long trading opportunities in Gold (XAU USD) using the Elliott Wave Principles.
As of now it seems that Gold (XAU USD) is in the Wave C and more specifically it seems like the Wave 3 of Wave C has started which is supposed to be very fast.

Detailed Video Analysis :


Two trading strategies can be used either buying above the break of 1240 or waiting for a pullback after the break and then buying for the 3rd of the 3rd.

Targets :
T1 : 1330
T2 : 1380
T3 : 1460
T4 : 1580

I will update further if need arises.

Gold Elliott Wave Analysis(Long trading opportunities)

Gold Elliott Wave Analysis(Long trading opportunities)

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