Training Program

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My work thus far : 

    1. 80% + Consistent accuracy for 2016, 2017 and 2018 with proof : Check here
    2. Have been posting my daily Elliott Wave Analysis and live trades in my Slack Private Group since 5th June, 2017 and so far have posted 5000+ messages (as on 4th April, 2018) with charts and detailed commentaries.
    3. Daily means all market days (and sometimes weekends as well), there hasn’t been a single day gap in this routine.
    4. As of today (4th April, 2018) I’m tracking 15+ instruments listed below :
      •  Stock Market Indices : Nifty 50, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100 & DAX 30.

      •  Commodities : Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold and Copper.

      •  Forex : Dollar Index, GBPUSD & EURUSD.

      •  Cryptocurrencies : Bitcoin & Ripple.

      •  A good number of blue chip stock.

    5. I majorly trade in Commodities : Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold and Index : Nifty 50 and have posted my analysis and trades from Swing to Intraday levels as low as 5 minutes and in a few instances even 1 minute as can be seen in this video.
    6. Posted 80+ articles on website and 45+ Youtube videos (as on 4th April, 2018) doing detailed and practical Elliott Wave Analysis.
    7. With these one to one classes I plan to share my knowledge of Elliott Wave with those interested in learning and profiting from the same.

Eligibility Criteria :

  1. The student must have enrolled and completed my video course.
  2. If you have not enrolled in the video course but are certain that you have the basics clear then contact me via Skype, we will chat for a while and see if we can start one to one discussions or not.
  3. Serious attitude towards learning is a must.

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