Video Report : DAX 30 Elliott Wave Analysis for short term and application of Guideline of Equality in Calculating Wave 5 Targets

In this video I have discussed the short term possible targets for Wave 5 in DAX 30 (Index of German Markets). I have also discussed the practical application of the guideline of Equality in Elliott Wave which states that if one of the three Impulse Waves is extended then the remaining two might tend towards equality. I have also discussed that how can we calculate targets for Wave 5 and what is a Fibonacci Cluster and what is the application of the same and how we can see them form in live market to find high probability targets.

This was meant to be a short term update of DAX and serve more from a educational perspective like how to use the underlying principles of Elliott Wave like the Guideline of Equality and Wave 5 calculations using Fibonacci.

If you see the actual charts you will find that shortly after the update DAX rallied to new all time highs near 13490.

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