Crude Oil Elliott Wave 6 November, 2016 onwards, can go till 40$, worst case 32$

Previously I was considering that the Wave B/2 was complete where I have placed the vertical line, now I’m taking that as the Secondary Count.
The Primary count ( In Blue ) is that the Wave B/2 is still under progression as a Flat correction and that it should see lower levels of atleast 40$ and can even go down till 32$ to complete the Wave C.
T1 : 40
T2 : 36
T3 : 32

Crude Elliott Wave 6th, Nov. 2016

WTI Crude 6, November 2016 onwards (Elliott Wave)

Only if the price gives a small impulsive looking 5 Wave move up and then consolidates then it could be the likely case that the Wave C is actually a Wave 2 and then only we will consider the Secondary Count.

Invalidation Stop : 49 (However we will have to trace the waves to see for a more tighter stop.)

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