Gold, Crude Oil, SPX, NDX, Bitcoin, EUR USD, Silver, Nifty, NSE Stocks (Elliott Wave Webinar) conducted on 25/01/2019

This Elliott Wave Webinar was conducted live via Zoom and broadcasted alongside on Youtube. Various Hypothesis and Trading Strategies based on Elliott Wave have been discussed for Gold, Crude Oil, SPX, NDX 100, Bitcoin, EUR/USD, Silver, NSE Stocks (Yes Bank, Tata Motors and Axis Bank). Alongside a long term Elliott Wave outlook for SPX (American stock market) has also been discussed.

Some Live Intraday Trades on Crude Oil and Gold are also discussed.

  • Timestamps :Gold : 3:38
    Crude Oil : 7:58
    SPX : 17:38
    NDX 100 : 28:00
    Bitcoin : 33:00
    EUR/USD : 40:24
    Nifty 50 : 43:40
    2018 Track Record : 46:33
    Silver : 48:58
    Gold Live Intraday Trade Discussed : 53:18
    Crude Oil Live Intraday Trade Discussed : 57:16
    Yes Bank (Indian Stock) : 59:40
    Tata Motors (Indian Stock) : 1:03:50
    Axis Bank (Indian Stock) : 1:06:10
    Regarding 1-2-1 Training and general discussion : 1:08:40

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