Gold looks like the 4th Wave is complete (Elliott Wave Analysis) 21st April 2017 onwards

I have previously discussed some probable count for Gold and would like to add to this possibility this particular count which points that a small leg up still remains before we see the Wave 2 of 3 correction.

Basically if this count plays out then we will see Gold going atleast till the most recent high 1295 and even 1300 levels before giving the all important correction.

Please note that Wave 4 in any degree have the tendency to become complex and hence might as well still be continuing.


Gold Elliott Wave Analysis 21st April 2017 onwards

Gold Elliott Wave Analysis 21st April 2017 onwards

From a swing perspective this is a buy on dips market and swing traders can either add longs or wait for the Wave 2 of 3 correction to go long for the Wave 3.

I will update further as the market progresses.

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