SPX Elliott Wave Analysis May 1, 2017 onwards (Counting complex Elliott Wave corrections)

In the last video report my view was that the SPX should give a reversal from near the 2410 level and it reversed from 2400.
In this video report I have discussed the 3 possible ways in which the SPX can progress, basically the S&P 500 is currently in a Wave 4 and in general Wave 4 are complex.

The 3 basic structures in which this market can progress are tha t:
1. Wave 4 has already completed as a Zig Zag and we are in the 5th leg.
2. Wave 4 is progressing as a Triangle.
3. Wave 4 is a very complex type of structure in which the Wave B is a flat type of formation in itself.

All these 3 scenarios have been discussed in detail in the video.

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