Nifty Long Term forecast using Elliott Waves 28th May 2017 onwards (Indian Stock Market)

In the Nifty report that I published on July 2017 I stated that I expect Nifty to achieve Target 1 as 9600 and now around 11 months later the same has been achieved, this goes on to prove the power and accuracy of Elliott Wave.

Now in this video I have discussed two Wave counts for Nifty 50 (Index of Indian Stock Markets) and also discussed the most possible target that can be seen in the near term.

Basically in both the counts it is visible that Nifty is moving in a Wave 3 and that it is highly possible to see targets of 10000 and even higher.

Note : One year training batch is starting from June 2017 onwards, those interested can check all the details here.

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