S&P 500 Alternate Bearish Wave Count Sept. 2016 onwards

Previously I was considering only a bullish count in which the Wave 4 was completed but here I have analyzed an alternate count in which I have discussed the downside possibility.

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Which count will play out will soon become clear but if the downside plays out then we can see targets around the 1800 mark.

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Long term forecast of American Stock Market ( S&P 500 ) next two to three

S&P 500 Bullish Wave Count

To be more precise the expected targets are –

Target 1 : 1990
Target 2 : 1865
Target 3 : 1788

The new Wave Count is as follows :

S&P 500 Bearish Wave Count September Onwards

S&P 500 Bearish Wave Count September 2016 Onwards


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